Sunday, December 7, 2008

Kapaleshwarsinghashawakram mangaldhanram

§ Just as the nature of fire is to provide heat, nature of water is to provide coolness, nature of food is to satisfy hunger, similarly the nature of a true man is to exude friendliness and serve man kind.
§ For serving the welfare of the humanity, sacrifice is most essential and, that too, not of an insignificant nature. It should be pure and enlightened.
§ The significance of life lies in honestly regulating its fields of activities. You should live in such a way that your life does not cause pain to any soul. Merely paying lip service to the principle of humanity and altruism is not desirable. you must be capable of putting it into practice even at the cost of undregoing countless hardships in the process, at every crossing of life. Only then, you turn into a true benefactor and servant.
§ If right from today, you embark upon the accomplishment of the noble tasks to which you stand committed, it will not be difficult for you to attain humanity, for which even the gods yearn.
§ In any organization, whether political or social, does not teach the human beings to live unburdened in the open sky and the free air of the era, in tune with the trend of the time and space, doesnot develop into a source of noble inspiration or the human race then that organization.
§ Bliss depends upon no particular conditions, external or internal. It is native state of the spirit. Therefore it has no fear of being contradicted by any others condition. It will flow on continually for ever, in defeat or success, in health or disease, in opulence or poverty.

Kapaleshwarsinghashawakram mangaldhanram

Kapaleshwar Baba Singha Shawak Ram
§ To remain happy does not depend on circumstances, it is an inherent human nature. A pleasing nature is god loving. To remain happy is the best way to worship God. However , you can not remain happy just by wanting to be so. Don’t trade your happiness for worldly objects. Once you lose it, you lose it for ever. When you realize that the happiness derived through the material world is only transient, you would try to get to the permanent happiness.
§ Happiness is of two kinds –(1) dual which is always derived from an external object. This kind of happiness is only temporary. and (2) Non-dual which happens for no reason. It is called bliss or joy, It never ends, it is everlasting. Bliss is a state of mind with tremendous inner- strength. When a person is full of joy, he becomes desireless, he develops a capacity to give and care. A state of joy automatically creates a sense of non-attachment with worldly objects and love for all. That is why everyone, including sages and Mahatmas are looking for eternal bliss.
§ Only God’s and Guru’s grace and practice of relegion are not enough for bringing peace and happiness in your life. The main sources is your own mental state and faith. That is how people from all faiths and traditions are happy. Therefore, you need to pay attention to your self.

Saturday, December 6, 2008


Mangal Vani of Avadhoot Baba Mangal Dhan Ram
· People work hard to improve their economic condition, once it is improved they waste their time by showing off and once they accumulated plenty of wealth they destroy themselves by explotiation and in criminal activities.
· Gambling, alcohol and the lose character leads the world to the distruction therefore by avoiding these you can lead a good and healthy life.
· The teachers and guardians can fulfill the responsibility and duty of the nation by educating the children properly in the schools and colleges.
· The one who accepts a life of good deeds encourages others (family, relatives, friends etc) to do good in their lives.
· Terrorist, rebels, violent becomes the leaders of the society, such society will have no hope only fear and nothing can be done for the benefit of the humans. The people will be characterlose and weak in all aspects.
· When you surrender to the lotus feet of the SadGuru, you will get the education of the truth and the knowledge of the world.
· The person with out the shelter of the SadGuru lives their life in bhog (materialistic world) which gives back suffering with diseases, this is the fact of the life which has to accepted by all.
· Diceitful, pretender, pakhande, and the characterlose religious Guru and the path defeater guardians gives rises the situation without the hope and full of the deterioration in the society, which is the real truth.
· when an evil soul enters the human body, the human want to destroy all the things which are beneficial to the all creatures.
· The ideal person who thinks the good work is his life and gives encouragement to everybody to perform the good work.
· The person who is the soshak if get chances to lead the human society makes the society full of the terrorist, strikers, and the environment with poor management where the people would be fearful, unsatisfied, characterlose, weak and the lack of confidience.
· In the reality the higher quality human society management can be done by such person who has the quality of the monk or saint who has the selfconfidience, unfearfulness, disciplined and love to the justice. Such person would give the importance to ability and utilization for the big creative work, then such person would give rise to the well managed society. Anybody who thinks welfare of the society could fulfill the objectives of the life and it will be for the long term and which will spread the good quality of our society.
· The truthful person is always silent and does his duty and thinks everybody like him. The wrong person always does the wrong work and tries to hide the weaknesses of himself by blaming others, spreading the truth by saying false and think others like himself.
· Each and every words have their own meaning and it’s own identity according to it’s quality and character. The person who doesnot understand and utilize it get frusted, becomes sad and be always unfulfill.
· Bhagwan(god) has it’s name and fame so the evil wants to spoil, it’s name instead wants to keep his own name. Actually both have the name one has the name with respect and the other have the irrespectness to it’s name(Badnam).