Sunday, December 7, 2008

Kapaleshwarsinghashawakram mangaldhanram

Kapaleshwar Baba Singha Shawak Ram
§ To remain happy does not depend on circumstances, it is an inherent human nature. A pleasing nature is god loving. To remain happy is the best way to worship God. However , you can not remain happy just by wanting to be so. Don’t trade your happiness for worldly objects. Once you lose it, you lose it for ever. When you realize that the happiness derived through the material world is only transient, you would try to get to the permanent happiness.
§ Happiness is of two kinds –(1) dual which is always derived from an external object. This kind of happiness is only temporary. and (2) Non-dual which happens for no reason. It is called bliss or joy, It never ends, it is everlasting. Bliss is a state of mind with tremendous inner- strength. When a person is full of joy, he becomes desireless, he develops a capacity to give and care. A state of joy automatically creates a sense of non-attachment with worldly objects and love for all. That is why everyone, including sages and Mahatmas are looking for eternal bliss.
§ Only God’s and Guru’s grace and practice of relegion are not enough for bringing peace and happiness in your life. The main sources is your own mental state and faith. That is how people from all faiths and traditions are happy. Therefore, you need to pay attention to your self.

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