Sunday, December 7, 2008

Kapaleshwarsinghashawakram mangaldhanram

§ Just as the nature of fire is to provide heat, nature of water is to provide coolness, nature of food is to satisfy hunger, similarly the nature of a true man is to exude friendliness and serve man kind.
§ For serving the welfare of the humanity, sacrifice is most essential and, that too, not of an insignificant nature. It should be pure and enlightened.
§ The significance of life lies in honestly regulating its fields of activities. You should live in such a way that your life does not cause pain to any soul. Merely paying lip service to the principle of humanity and altruism is not desirable. you must be capable of putting it into practice even at the cost of undregoing countless hardships in the process, at every crossing of life. Only then, you turn into a true benefactor and servant.
§ If right from today, you embark upon the accomplishment of the noble tasks to which you stand committed, it will not be difficult for you to attain humanity, for which even the gods yearn.
§ In any organization, whether political or social, does not teach the human beings to live unburdened in the open sky and the free air of the era, in tune with the trend of the time and space, doesnot develop into a source of noble inspiration or the human race then that organization.
§ Bliss depends upon no particular conditions, external or internal. It is native state of the spirit. Therefore it has no fear of being contradicted by any others condition. It will flow on continually for ever, in defeat or success, in health or disease, in opulence or poverty.

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